New bins, including new bins for new house builds, and bins that are reported as missing or stolen will cost £25.25 for each replacement bin.

This charge is a contribution to the full cost of a new bin and delivery is free.

We will try to repair bins that are damaged during collections or through general wear and tear. If we can't, we will replace the bin for free.

Please read before submitting your request:

  • If you live in a property owned by WDH you will need to contact them to order a replacement bin. If you proceed with this form however we will be able to register your property for a temporary waste bag collection until this bin is delivered.

  • Please only order a new bin for a property if you have already moved into the property. We have previously delivered bins to empty properties, and they have been stolen. Any bin stolen before moving into the property will be charged.

  • Once this form has been submitted you will be taken to your "Outstanding Payments" page where you will have to click the "Pay" button to confirm your appointment booking. If you do not do this within 30 minutes your appointment will be automatically cancelled.

  • Before you start, you will need to tell us:
    • Why you need a replacement bin
    • In what way the bin is damaged (if damage is the issue)
    • What type of bin needs to be replaced
    • If you live in a property owned by WDH

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